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I got stuffed for Thanksgiving.

Posted: November 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

My son came home from college for the holiday, he brought a friend home with him, they are so handsome at this age. I love to cook for them wearing only my little shear apron and a tight thong panty, with garters and thigh high lace panty hose, and pumps, Mommy must always have her “cum fuck me pumps” on *giggles* My son’s friend was really surprised at how good of shape I am in, and how beautiful I look for “My Age” he said.( I do go to the gym everyday) hahaha I am 41 and I feel like that is the new 30, I am at my sexual peek, needing to get off several times a day, I told them. My son just smiled, as his cock grew in his pants. I am alway’s so surprised at how big he has gotten. His friend was sweating and his cock was hard as a rock, I could see the pup tent in his jeans. I moved the turkey over and asked my son to cum to the head of the table, only fitting since my husband is out of town. I unzipped his pants and took his cock into my mouth, he asked his friend to join us, I moved my thong to the side, showing him my pussy and my ass, I winked at him and said “Please stuff me for Thanksgiving.” He took out his cock, and while my son watched, he slipped it into my pussy deep and hard. mmmmmh Just what Mommy needed a little pork with dinner.