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OMG, Of all the stupid things, I can’t believe I got introuble for this fantasy post I posted on here it is, and it got quite a few calls. The only reason I posted it was because it seemed to be the kind of call I had been doing lately, and it was hot to my callers, let me know what you think;


Sure I get high, and sometimes I really want it BAD!!!
My littlest girl is 5, she hates to see Mommy suffer.
She is having a party today with all her little girlfriends,
you cum over, and bring some drugs, and get Mommy
loaded… then I will let you rent her little virgin, bald, cunt
fot the rest of the night. Maybe we can drug all the
kids and you can fuck them all or make them watch!
I’m sure we can think of a million things to do to them.
Call now, and bring the crack for this kid’s pussy.
Love Mommy Erin
Now is that so bad??? I didn’t think it was any worse than some of the post’s I had seen on there already, but they took away my newsguy account for the weekend. ( Oh well live and learn.

I know I can say what ever I feel like in my blog so that’s why I bitch about it here. I am into TABOO FANTASY and EXTREME HARDCORE Taboo play, I can’t help it that’s what get’s me off. I am ready to play today if you guy’s wanna call me, my little bald pussy is waiting to get fucked!!! I need your cock in my mouth and in my ass today



In order for me not to tell everyone Charles you have to do several thing’s for Mommy! First; put on those dirty panties you were sniffing and cum over here by Mommy. Second; put on those panty hose that you had thrown around your neck and pull them up like a good little girl. Third; Put on that dress that Mommy brought you and fix your hair. Lookie there you make a pretty little girl, why are you so sad? Oh I see it is because that cock of yours is poking out of the top of your panties. *smack* Mommy will make it go down, then I am going to take you to the corner and make you my little slut, how fun will that be? Oh My you almost squirted, your a pretty little slut that wants to suck cock for Mommy huh? Well you will get your chance today!!! I see you rubbing your clitty through those panty hose just thinking of all the cock Mommy is going to force you to suck.

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I guess I am bisexual, I love threesomes, foursomes and moresomes!! I just love playing with the girls on the site!! I love sex and everything about it!! I just ADORE a man with a well hung cock! I adore you small wennie men as well *wink*, you little guys are soooo much fun! I am into all kinds of play, expecially Cuckolding *giggles*, I can be a Dominate personality as well as a submissive… Here are some of my favorites…*my strapons
*cross dressing
*toilet training
*smoking fetish
*forced bi
*medical scenes
*puppy play
*limited hypnosis *mind control
*pant yboy*cuckolding
*sensual teasing
*orgasm control and denial

Horny Housewife Daisy

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Hey You…Yes, YOU! The one with that stiff dick in one hand and your mouse in the other…Why don’t you pick up your phone and give me a call so I can help you out with that hard on!I enjoy phone calls from men who are a little on the twisted side. You used to sneak your mom’s underpants out of her hamper and jerk off when you were a boy, didn’t you? Remember how HARD your little penis would get and how far you’re cum could shoot out? Let’s get together and pretend that I have caught you in the act. Mommy is very understanding and wants to help you learn all about sex. Have other fantasies about older girls or just think I’m about the hottest thing you have ever wanted to fuck? I can send some very explicit pics to you by email. I’m the girl for all your MILF, Cuckold, Mommy fantasies,golden showers, strap-on play, small cock mockery, spanking, discipline, cuckolding, gang bangs, SCAT, DIAPERS, double penetration, and just about anything naughty you can dream up.
Call Your Mother… Daisy