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I just watched the movie the shooter with my son, omg I loved it. The movie was entertaining and fast paced. I just couldn’t get me enough Marky Mark though. My son was like Jesus Mom, stop panting. But I just couldn’t, I love this young stud. I had to go take a little nap after the movie was over, just thinking about that huge bulge in his pants made my cunt wet. I loved the Movie “Boogie Night’s” when he was rising (pun intended) porn star. I have just followed his career ever since and he was the SHIT in The Departed. there was actually 3 hotties in that film I’d like to shag, lololol. I am just getting hornier and hornier in my older age, I am 42 now and I am just wet all the time, I can not get enough fucking dick. Well if you wanna help Mommy out with this (I am NOT gonna call it a problem) then just gimmie a call big fella 😉 Deviant Dirty Daisy 1-877-827-7532


You boy’s wanna watch and hear Mommy Daisy fuck a big ole black dick and let it cum up in this horny twat? I will fuck a big black cock bareback and coax it to jizz all up in my pink twat. I want my boy’s to get down there and suck Mommy’s freshly, just fucked cunt and suck all that NIG*#@ Jizz all out!!!!!!! Mommy loves N!#*ER cock!!!!! No LIMITS EVER!!! Deviant Daisy Dirty Mommy 1-877-827-7532


I have been fucking my son R for a while now, about a year. He loves to suck the milk out of Mommy’s titties. I really like when he is sucking my milk, I start to play with my horny cunt, and get is all soaking wet for him. I push his little boy head down between my leg’s and show him how to eat my pussy, and suck Mommy’s hard clit. I pinch my nipples and squeeze my tits for him while he eats Mommy’s cunt, shooting milk at his face while he is down there. I have to have his cock inside me after a little while, he always makes Mommy so fucking hot and horny. I bring him back to my breast and let him suckle, and I guide his cock into my warm, wet, pussy hole. I reach behind him and pull his tight little ass into me, wrapping my long legs around his waist, I beg him to “Fuck Mommy’s tight pussy!” and fuck it hard. He likes me to tell him how he is the only one who really makes Mommy cum like crazy, but most of all he likes me to tell him to dump his seed in my pussy hole, to deposit all his jizz in Mommy’s fertile cunt. You see he not only wants to be Mommy’s incestuous lover, he wants to make Mommy pregnant with his sperm. He just LOVES when I beg for it, while he is pumping my cunt, I say” Ok baby, filly Mommy’s hungry pussy with all your baby batter, give Mommy all your seed.” He always shoots deep in my cunt, then I raise my leg’s so not to spill a drop for at least 5 mins. *giggles*


I do alot of “Mommy” calls, and age play calls where I pretend to let a guy use and abuse one of my kid’s. This guy calls me late last night and he was so fun! He wanted to use one of my daughters (EXTREME FANTASY) He wanted to buy her from me for the night, so I said fine and I even helped him do some dirty deeds to her it was fun. Then we got to talking about all kinds of stuff, he is Soooo Bad!!! He left a blow up doll in his room when he moved out of his house a few years ago, his little sister moved into the room after him and she had to clean up all his porno mag’s and found this doll in his closet, she (the doll) was stinky and had cum in all of her holes, lolol. When he got the doll he put the torn up box in a black garbage bag to throw away, he sat the bag by an identical bag that was full of aluminum cans and his Aunt who recycles picked up both the bags and took them to the recycling plant, hahahaha the box had all kinds of explicit stuff on it, I wish I could of seen her face when she gave it to the guy’s at the plant to open and weigh. When he was little he had a crush on his Aunt, as well as his Mother and his little Sister, he used to jackoff on the couch when his parents went out and just pray for his Sister to walk out of her room and catch him.

So he had to work last night and he was going to go into the girls bathroom and stroke off a batch by hand and leave it on the toilet seat, he said nobody looks where they are sitting at 3 am, he got off on the thought of some girl sitting in his spooge and going “ewww wtf?” hahaha He was so fucking funny, so Taboo, the stuff he actuallydid was so fucking perverted, I LOVED it, I had a blast doing a call with you N, I hope you call me again and soon.


He was standing at the bedroom door and I didn’t notice, I was so engrossed at the awesome cunt licking the doggie was giving me I didn’t even see him…. I had just stepped out of the shower and the dog came into the bedroom and he was licking my ankles and leg’s, getting the left over water drops off of me. It started to feel so good his wet, hot tongue, so thick and long. I thought what the fuck, no one is here but me, so I laid back on the bed and called that doggie up. I spread open my pussy lips and he started to lick, OMFG his tongue felt so good! It was thick and long and could go up my pussy hole so fucking deep! He licked and licked as I moaned and pinched my nipples, I grabbed his head and started grinding my clit on him, I was ready to cum, I looked up and there he was, my husband. F U C K!!! He say’s “are you having a good time Erin?” Umm ya, oops, you won’t understand, one thing just lead to another. He said “Oh I understand, and if you don’t want everyone and their brother to hear about this , you will do exactly as I say!” OMG What is this? Blackmail? “YES, thats exactly what this is.” I said “what do you want from me?” He walked into our bedroom taking off his pants and shirt, rubbing his throbbing cock, he really got hard watching that doggie eat my sweet little cunt. He said ” I want to watch you fuck that dog, I want to see his cock going in and out of your pussy” Huh? I was just letting him get me off, I wasn’t going to reciprocate, I wasn’t going to get the doggie off. “You will do as I say or be found out, I will tell your kid’s, your family, your friends, that you let this dog eat your pussy.” “ok, I will do as you say, if you promise NEVER to say a word of this to anyone.” I got on the floor, and got underneath the dog, I took his furry cock into my mouth, ugh. He said to “just fucking do it!” The doggie got hard, I was jerking him as I sucked. My husband put some of my pussy juices on my back and told the doggie to “mount up”, your not going to believe what happened next….


Well with my husband out of town, all week, and my son’s in school, how’s a girl get fucked? I noticed my tree right out side of the bedroom window needed trimming, and the leaves raked too. Yesterday I woke up with a big case of “Morning Horn”. So I thought about that tree and I called a landscaper, one that a gf of mine used during the summer to get her lawns mowed. I remember driving by her house when he was there, I was in the convertable and there he was, 6′6″, thin, with broad shoulders and he was only like 28 years old. I remember thinking I have to keep him in mind, so I called my gf and got his number. I called him and told him about this tree right in front of my bedroom window, he said he had time to come over in about an hour. I took a long bubble bath, shaved my sweet little pussy bald, I had to rub it, and finger my little tight hole just thinking about this guy. I put on a very short shear robe and a little white thong, with a matching lace bra, all in white. He knocked at the door, I cracked it open, he said he looked at the tree and it wouldn’t take much work so he gave me a bid. I told him to go ahead and do it, “when will you have time for me?” I asked him while I slid the door open even more, revealing my barely coverd big tits. He said “NOW!” “I can do it right now.” “Awww how sweet of you to squeeze me in”, and I winked. He blushed and said “I am going to get right on it” oh good I wispered, “I really need you to get on it and fast.” I said the door will be open cum on in when your finished. I went to my bedroom and made sure my curtain was wide open, and the window cracked. He got a ladder from his truck and proped it up against the tree, I could see him noticing the window being open wide. I turned my back to the window and slowly took off my robe, I started to rub lotion all over my shoulders, and then on my long smooth leg’s. I peeked and he was staring at me while pretending to work, I slid off my bra and lotioned up my full titties, as I was turning around to face the window, I pinched my nip’s and made them rock hard. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, I didn’t want him to fall so I took it really slow, kneading and massaging my tit’s for him, making my cunt dripping wet. I walked really close to the window, I didn’t look at his eye’s just yet, and I slipped off my panties. I laid back on the bed, licking and sucking my nipples. I spread my legs wide, and with both hands; pried opened my little pink snatch so he could see, that’s when I looked him in the eye’s and smiled, then I licked my lips and flicked my clit until a loud moan escaped my lips. God I love it when they watch! I showed him how much I loved to rub my hard clit, how wet my pussy was. I finger banged it nice and slow so he could see every stroke, then I licked my fingers and tasted that sweet juice, all the while I was looking right at him, watching his long cock grow in his pants…..