I LOVE to show my sweet little cunt!

Posted: July 3, 2007 in Uncategorized


Well with my husband out of town, all week, and my son’s in school, how’s a girl get fucked? I noticed my tree right out side of the bedroom window needed trimming, and the leaves raked too. Yesterday I woke up with a big case of “Morning Horn”. So I thought about that tree and I called a landscaper, one that a gf of mine used during the summer to get her lawns mowed. I remember driving by her house when he was there, I was in the convertable and there he was, 6′6″, thin, with broad shoulders and he was only like 28 years old. I remember thinking I have to keep him in mind, so I called my gf and got his number. I called him and told him about this tree right in front of my bedroom window, he said he had time to come over in about an hour. I took a long bubble bath, shaved my sweet little pussy bald, I had to rub it, and finger my little tight hole just thinking about this guy. I put on a very short shear robe and a little white thong, with a matching lace bra, all in white. He knocked at the door, I cracked it open, he said he looked at the tree and it wouldn’t take much work so he gave me a bid. I told him to go ahead and do it, “when will you have time for me?” I asked him while I slid the door open even more, revealing my barely coverd big tits. He said “NOW!” “I can do it right now.” “Awww how sweet of you to squeeze me in”, and I winked. He blushed and said “I am going to get right on it” oh good I wispered, “I really need you to get on it and fast.” I said the door will be open cum on in when your finished. I went to my bedroom and made sure my curtain was wide open, and the window cracked. He got a ladder from his truck and proped it up against the tree, I could see him noticing the window being open wide. I turned my back to the window and slowly took off my robe, I started to rub lotion all over my shoulders, and then on my long smooth leg’s. I peeked and he was staring at me while pretending to work, I slid off my bra and lotioned up my full titties, as I was turning around to face the window, I pinched my nip’s and made them rock hard. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, I didn’t want him to fall so I took it really slow, kneading and massaging my tit’s for him, making my cunt dripping wet. I walked really close to the window, I didn’t look at his eye’s just yet, and I slipped off my panties. I laid back on the bed, licking and sucking my nipples. I spread my legs wide, and with both hands; pried opened my little pink snatch so he could see, that’s when I looked him in the eye’s and smiled, then I licked my lips and flicked my clit until a loud moan escaped my lips. God I love it when they watch! I showed him how much I loved to rub my hard clit, how wet my pussy was. I finger banged it nice and slow so he could see every stroke, then I licked my fingers and tasted that sweet juice, all the while I was looking right at him, watching his long cock grow in his pants…..

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