He watched as the DOG licked me. Then he made me fuck him to keep quiet.

Posted: July 10, 2007 in Uncategorized


He was standing at the bedroom door and I didn’t notice, I was so engrossed at the awesome cunt licking the doggie was giving me I didn’t even see him…. I had just stepped out of the shower and the dog came into the bedroom and he was licking my ankles and leg’s, getting the left over water drops off of me. It started to feel so good his wet, hot tongue, so thick and long. I thought what the fuck, no one is here but me, so I laid back on the bed and called that doggie up. I spread open my pussy lips and he started to lick, OMFG his tongue felt so good! It was thick and long and could go up my pussy hole so fucking deep! He licked and licked as I moaned and pinched my nipples, I grabbed his head and started grinding my clit on him, I was ready to cum, I looked up and there he was, my husband. F U C K!!! He say’s “are you having a good time Erin?” Umm ya, oops, you won’t understand, one thing just lead to another. He said “Oh I understand, and if you don’t want everyone and their brother to hear about this , you will do exactly as I say!” OMG What is this? Blackmail? “YES, thats exactly what this is.” I said “what do you want from me?” He walked into our bedroom taking off his pants and shirt, rubbing his throbbing cock, he really got hard watching that doggie eat my sweet little cunt. He said ” I want to watch you fuck that dog, I want to see his cock going in and out of your pussy” Huh? I was just letting him get me off, I wasn’t going to reciprocate, I wasn’t going to get the doggie off. “You will do as I say or be found out, I will tell your kid’s, your family, your friends, that you let this dog eat your pussy.” “ok, I will do as you say, if you promise NEVER to say a word of this to anyone.” I got on the floor, and got underneath the dog, I took his furry cock into my mouth, ugh. He said to “just fucking do it!” The doggie got hard, I was jerking him as I sucked. My husband put some of my pussy juices on my back and told the doggie to “mount up”, your not going to believe what happened next….

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