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I had a plumbing problem today and called the plumber. My C*#! was leaking, LOL. He came right over, he had been here before. I let him in and threw him on the living room floor, I didn’t even care if my kid came home from school and saw me fucking him. The great thing about MY plumber is he has a 12 inch black cock. He likes me to call it his N*#%@r Dick and I love to beg him to drive it in long and hard. He stretches out my tight pink hole until it feels like it will fucking rip. Once he gets me good and opened up I roll over on top and ride his fuck stick, shaking my big tit’s in his face and teasing him until he grabs my tit’s and pulls me into his mouth. I usually cum so fucking hard at this point, the only thing that could of even been better about today was if my Husband would of walked in to see us, then I would of made hubby suck that N*$#@! cum outta my freshly fucked cunt hole, LOL Dirty Mommy Daisy. 877-827-7532

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