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Submissive Mommy.

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My son came in one night while I was playing with my cunt. I was lonely you see And hadn’t had a good fucking in a while. Well he asked me what the fuck I thought I was doing, I was shocked to hear him speak that way and told him just that. He said. Oh shut the fuck up mom, you’re always with your prim and proper ass but you’re really a fucking whore and I am going to show you how much.

He unzipped his jeans and slammed His big cock inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I gagged and when I did He slapped the crap out of me and told me swallow it all you cunt! My eyes were tearing up hard But I did what he said cause, I knew he meant business!. After I sucked his cock for a while, It felt Like hours, he ripped off the rest of my clothes and shoved me face down on the bed.

He mounted me and held my head down onto the bed spread and he slide his cock inside My ass hole. I screamed and he slapped me and told me to shut the fuck up! The more I screamed the harder he fucked my ass until I felt him tensing up and cumming inside of me. He pulled out and said come clean your ass juice off my fucking dick bitch! I didn’t want to, but he made me! He pulled my hair down to his dick and I had to lick all the ass juices off of his dick, every single drop.

Well of course by then his dick was hard again, he laughed at my tears and told me to get on my back he was going to fuck his whore some more. Can you imagine? Your son using you like that and call me cunt and whore! I was so upset and shocked but I knew I dare not say a thing cause he would just Slap me and rape me harder than before! While he was fucking my pussy, he started biting my tits and twisting them and of course the more I cried out the harder he did it. He slapped my face and said shut the fuck up bitch, this is just the beginning.

I asked him what he meant, he said, well your going to be my cunt from now on, so get used to it. When I say get on your knee’s suck my dick, you do it, if I say, strip and get on your knees so I can fuck your tight little ass, you do it. Do we understand each other? Cause if you don’t, MOM, I will beat the fuck out of you, THEN I WILL JUST RAPE YOU all over again. And you know what? I will also bring home my friends, and let them all take turns with my mommy’s cunt, so just fucking get used to it bitch!

I was so upset. I cried myself to sleep when he was done, but true to his promise, he came back from school with four of his friends, two black boys and two white boys and they tore off my dress and proceeded to rape me in each of my holes, slapping me, biting me, and laughing the whole time while I cried. It’s been going on now for more than six months and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it, He told me If I told anyone he would make sure me wish I hadn’t, he would rape me more often, and with more MEN!

I am my son’s submissive slut cunt whore!


Mr Thomas’s email….

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OMG he has 12 inches of HUGE BLACK COCK!!! My husband Henry only has 5″ so after the last time with Mr. Thomas I told Henry I wouldn’t go back for more but I had to… I needed to, you see once you get it from Mr. Thomas nothing else will do. Here is the email he sent me. Thank you Mr Thomas I hope you enjoyed your pictures. Love your horny size queen Dirty Daisy. 😉 1-877-827-7532


You got FUCKED didn’t you bitch. You got your arms tied straight behind you and then all your holes were stretched out by my 12″ of thick black cock. You got FUCKED until your cunt was a steamy wet mess. You got FUCKED and begged for more.You got FUCKED and came over and over again moaning and screaming,out of your mind.You got FUCKED…..and now your ashamed of yourself. To be completely controlled and used like a whore well that’s just not like you. You tell yourself it won’t happen again, you won’t be Mr. Thomas’ submissive slut but your pussy is getting wet just thinking about how you got FUCKED, And why did you e-mail Mr. Thomas those sexy pictures of Daisy in her lacy undergarments as soon as you got home last night? Oh well your never going back….but your pussy aches and you got FUCKED!!!!!  Mr Thomas.

Yummy Big Black Cock.

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So guy’s you like to hear all about my “dirty family secrets” huh? You know I like to talk about it! I love telling all you horny pedos out there in phone sex land about the dirty adventures of Daisy. I had the HOTTEST call today, this guy…..Mr Thomas had a 12 inch black dick , woohoo, and he took my husband and I out to lunch, a business lunch. We had a few drinks and some salad, LOL then went up to Mr. Thomas’s hotel suite to sign some papers. I had to use the ladies room and powder up and when I came out Mr Thomas had my husband tied up and naked. He then ripped off my clothes and saw my black lacy under garments and thigh high stockings, this just increased his lust and he ripped off my bra and panties. He grabbed my blonde hair and forced me down on his cock, telling my husband how much I was flirting with him at lunch and how I begged for his big dick when my husband left the table. I was choking and crying while he face raped me, and I was denying his accusations. But my cunt was getting so wet. I felt Mr. Thomas grow so big and hard in my mouth, I gagged and teared up while my husband just sat there tied up and watching….. Mr Thomas spread my legs so he could see my bald cunt while he fucked my face. He said” Look here Henry… your old lady is soaking wet, she must love this big black cock” I had to sigh, I did want that dick inside of me and soooo fucking bad! Mr T made me tell Henry how bad I wanted that cock, I told Henry “God I want that huge beautiful, 12 inch black cock so bad! Please fuck me Mr Thomas!” He picked me up and moved me right in front of my husband and rammed his huge cock in side of my tight pussy, jesus he filled my hole so good. I begged him to fuck me harder and deeper. I screamed just before he made me squirt that “my husband has NEVER fucked me this good!” I came so hard and Mr Thomas laughed, he pulled out his cock and made me suck off my cunt juice we did so much more, thanks so much Mr. Thomas you were wonderful, I loved fucking you in front of him, and I want to do it again really soon. Love and Kisses Dirty Daisy