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Charlie has been doing calls with me for about a year now, (fake name LOL)  I LOVE to chat with him on the phone! He makes my horny, Pedo cunt so wet! I wanted to say thanks again Charlie for that wonderful coffee you sent me! It was sooo good!

I talked to Charlie a couple of times last week and we had a great time, he told me on Friday that he thinks about me when he masturbates and that made me feel really hot and horny for him! Charlie and I have this one thing in common we are both into little girls. I just love them and so does he, I love to talk about how much I love to play with them with Charlie and he strokes thinking about me licking and fingering them getting them ready for his big cock. I know you want to taste her and feel how wet she is, I do too. There are some women pedos out here and I am definitely one of them! I can’t help it, and in fantasy we can talk and imagine ANYTHING we want. It is always good to find a partner who is into what your into! Just like Charlie found me, and I sure am glad he did!!! I hope to talk to all your horny Daddy’s and nasty perverted pedos soon! It makes my cunt wet to listen to you tell me your fantasies, and to hear you stroking and to KNOW what your thinking about while you stroke off for me! mmmmm Love Dirty Mommy Daisy 1-877-827-7532