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Incest is BEST!

Posted: June 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have this awesome caller Steve and his Mother found my site and told him all about it. Steve lives in an incest family, he has been boning him Mommy since he was very young. She caught him masturbating with a pair of her panties and looking at his sister and she took him under her tittie and made a real man out of him. HE loves the way his Mommy talks soooo dirty to him while she is satisfying her horny mommy cunt on his raging teen hard on. ) but Mommy’s cunt was just the beginning for Steve, Mommy gave him his sister to fuck too, and she was even younger than he was at the time, she had been waiting for her brother to finally cum around to the incest ways Mommy and daughter had been playing for a while. He took her cherry, and eventually even got her pregnant. It doesn’t stop there folks, the kid who is a girl has grown and all 3 of the women live in the same house. Steve goes there like for visits and he fucks all 3 of them, lustful fucking one of them while the other two play in front of him and visa versa, and it’s always INCESTUALY lustful and awesomely arousing for the whole clan. Steve enjoys re-living his sexy escapades with me on the phone, it tides him over till her can go and see his FUN family of sexy women, and girl. I personally LOVE the things we talk about and I am so glad him Mommy ran across my site!!! Way to go Mom! I hope to talk to Steve soon, and I am really looking forward to more of the family secrets! Love Dirty Mommy Daisy 1-877-827-7532

Oh yeah we got haters…. When you call me ask for the password to my protected posts. These are posts and stories of a sensitive nature. Age-play, Incest, Doggie fucking, Mommy son, you name it, well actually I can’t really talk about it, so I passworded the entries that have to do with those VERY Taboo subjects. Email me, IM me, or call and ask me. 😛 I want you to read it and get all horned out then call me, LOL. Check out my new site it is awesome! Love Dirty Mommy Daisy