Little Family Time!!!

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Well so many hot calls having to do with everything from; pulling my daughters up into bed with my boyfriend and I to listening to a proud Daddy talk about his little “Daddy’s Girl.” A lot of callers ask me if I have ever heard a Daddy REALLY get it on with his daughter on a call, I guess you will have to call me and find this out yourself….

I had a new Master call me last night and he wanted to take my daughters and train them, I think this would be cool! He wanted to train them to take dick in all their holes and learn that pleasing the man of the house is their duty… Hey! They need to please Mama too! ;)

I want to say hi to some of my horny callers and tell them “fuck these sexy calls get my cunt wet!” I am gonna go out of town this Friday, Mommy is off to the spa with a girlfriend, I think I will still do calls from the Ritz on Saturday night LOL, we’ll see. Shouts out to; Steve, my little incest buddy, his Mommy and sissy must have him tied up and busy fucking, call me and tell me whats new baby! ) Hi to Shane, Cory, Ron, Bill, Charlie, Adam, Greg, Tracy, Nate, Mark, Robert, Peter, Gary, and everyone I talked to this week. KISSES!!!

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