MaryKates Trailer; Check out this nasty country mommy, she is a REAL pedo! Props for MaryKates Trailer!

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

My kids and me watched my fat skanky sissy fuck the “meat man” LOL!

You read it right, I even got her pic in the market with my phone… Look at her fat skanky ass hangin outta that short dress. We had the kids with us and everything LMAO.

So many of u men look at my girls while they be sittin in the grocery cart. I know you can see her panties ridin up her cunt and you just can’t take your perverted pedo eyes off em. Hahaha

We visit this store all the time, my fat sister gets food stamps and she eats up all her stamps too (as you can clearly see) my girls and I caught her with the meat man (aka the butchers asst.) she was sucking his cock and askin him to bring her by some bacon later, he was like “oh shit mam, I will be straight by your trailer after work, LAWS YES!” hahaha My girls asked “whats Auntie dewin? whys her tiddies out mama?” hahaha I said “shes makin bacon for later!”

Straight outta the park MaryKate 1-888-314-8907


  1. Daisy says:

    This pedo mommy is a nasty slut!

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