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I took the kiddies to the pool today, we had such a great time! We all had our bikini’s on and got oiled up and chillaxed. I brought a couple Margarita frozen Popsicle’s with me and it was just a juicy,yummy tease sucking on it in front of all these guys. This older gentleman J was getting one of my little ones to go and fetch him soda’s from the pop machine, he would give her an extra few dollars each time, and she knew how to work it! Shaking her hips, pulling her bikini bottoms up in to her little bottom, made me giggle to see just how much like Mommy she really is.

J moved his chair closer to mine and we talked about kids, and swimming, and how hot it it, but he made sure to mention it’s NEVER to hot to fuck pretty young things. I ran out of my margarita so I asked him back to the house, I’ve never seen a man move so fast. Ya know if you wanna get sticky you gotta licky 😉 and that’s what we all did this afternoon. I’m sure a nasty Mommy, you like me that way though huh?


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