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I have had several of you call me and tell me how hot Halloween makes you and how hard your PEDO cock gets for all these little girls walking around dressed up like  little sluts! You have the purrfect Holiday going on today, Call me and we will invite some of these little slutty baby girl’s into our home. I just love the ones dressed up like Hannah Montana, Britney Spears, raven all those little ity bity pussies in tight revealing clothes, naughty nurses, gogo dancers, princess’s we have all of them to choose from! Let’s have them in for candy and some trick or treating fun! I’m sure I can make them do tricks for us Pedo Daddy! Dirty MommyDaisy.Com

trick or treat phone sex

He is such a cute friend of my step son’s, he is way underage, not even a teen yet *giggles* I just adore teasing him he has such a cute little hard cock. I made him dress up for me this morning wearing a pair of My panties, one’s I wore and got all sticky and juicy watching my daughter fuck, I had these pretty pink panties on while she licked and sucked my boyfriends cock then when he dove deep into her little baby slit, I rubbed the panties on my cunt and got myself off. These are the panties he is wearing now, so wet and creamy right by his ball sack. He rubs his balls and then smells his fingers so he can smell my pretty Mommy cunt. I have him pose himself on the bed for me while I call in my daughters, I have 4 of them and they all vary in age (I will tell on the phone) I make them do little striptease dances and playfully one at a time push their little girl pussy’s right into his face, They move his panties to the side so Mommy can watch his little bald cock and balls. Mmmmmmh I love that little boy cock! We do so many more naughty things why don’t you call and have Dirty Mommy Daisy all to your self little boy?


I have a LONG TIME caller who is one of my very favorite people. He is interesting, successful, mature, very intelligent, and sexy as ALL HELL. I am going to call him Joe for the sake of the blog, because he is very private as well. I’ve only discovered these things about him after talking with him on the phones for the last 5 years. Joe is totally into dance wear, such as leotards, tights, workout spandex, some swim suits, ballerina clothes and shoes, some shorty shorts & yoga pants. It’s so fun to do Joe because he KNOWS what he likes and what makes him cum really hard. He has relayed this info to me over time and now I can figure out where he wants to go with his calls. The cool thing about our relationship is he will tell me, or steer me in the right direction if I get off track. It is a relationship so to speak, I know it’s a phone session but we have a “friendship”  if I might be so bold, I care about him! That’s what friends do right? I’ve not blogged about him in a few years so I wanted him to know, if he reads this, how much I appreciate him and love his calls!

Now for the sexy part, lol. We love to tease and taunt Joe. Stretch his cum out until he can’t hold it any longer. We get really nasty too! I love it because he is actually very good at bondage and really likes and appreciates it from all aspects. It’s not easy to learn those knots, find someone with mutual trust, and go about tying someone up! I think it’s very fucking sexy how he does really get turned on by the bondage itself and the struggle of the girl in bondage. Not is a sick sadistic way but in a “oh she is hurting, sad face” way 🙂 We like to dress our subject in dancing attire, then bondage her some, and sometimes we get very nasty with her…. MOST TIMES! We have another guy gag her or fuck her ass. I will have Joe gag her sometimes. I had him tear a tiny hole in her outfit with his teeth then lick her ass, theres been timew when we have even introduced a doggie to the fantasy. ( we mostly like to THINK about the doggie, only a couple times has it really ever played a part in the fantasy.) He has sent me some awesome cartoons and pictures though and I will post a couple so you see what I mean.  Thanks Joe for all the good times! I appreciate your sense of fantasy and your articulate mind! Love Daisy