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I swear these guys are getting sexier and sexier! I love guy’s; young, old, thin, chubby, bald as long as they have a decent size cock and a really hungry mouth we are fine! I have been so fucking horny this week. I just lay in my bed in my sexy nitie, or my naughty nitie is what I call it. Getting so hot on the call….. I slowly touch my throbbing wet pussy. The heat escapes it and it feels so smooth and warm. I open it up and push a finger tip inside, mmmmmh yeah mutual masturbation is fucking awesome and I’m ready NOW. I love to rub my pretty pussy and finger myself while I listen to you jerk that cock. I can hear the thumping, the faster breath, your moans, and cry’s, so sexy. The panting, and swearing. Jesus baby you are right in my lane! I let you hear my wetness over the phone, you can’t believe how soaking wet I am for you. solopussydmdAlot of times we talk about my daughters and fantasize about one or more of them joining us in the family bed, and we cum to these thoughts me sharing you with my daughters and you love me watching you fuck them. As you can see I’m really fucking wound up and ready to cum! Call me and let’s cum really hard together. DirtyMommyDaisy

F really wants to see this gash up close and personal, here it is sexy man and I can’t wait to feel your long fat tongue go deep inside fucking me! OMG that’s not you it’s a DOGGIE tongue! Nasty Boy, purrrrrrr DirtyMommyDaisy

I have had several of you call me and tell me how hot Halloween makes you and how hard your PEDO cock gets for all these little girls walking around dressed up like  little sluts! You have the purrfect Holiday going on today, Call me and we will invite some of these little slutty baby girl’s into our home. I just love the ones dressed up like Hannah Montana, Britney Spears, raven all those little ity bity pussies in tight revealing clothes, naughty nurses, gogo dancers, princess’s we have all of them to choose from! Let’s have them in for candy and some trick or treating fun! I’m sure I can make them do tricks for us Pedo Daddy! Dirty MommyDaisy.Com

trick or treat phone sex

M called today and wanted to play with a little pre-teen, mmmh. He knew I could cum up with a good role play and we would really get our fuck on and we did, huh baby? He gotta 38 Special and man it was a great way to spend 38 bucks! That’s good cheap fun all you phone whore lovers. I have a busy schedule but I can’t get through the day without alot of good horny cums with all my horny men out here in phone land! I adore being the dirtiest Pedo Mommy you’ve ever experienced and I get my wet cunt off to all the dirty things we do to these young girls. Younger girl talk is what I dig baby! Call me and let’s get our fuck on hardcore! Dirty Mommy Daisy

I have a LONG TIME caller who is one of my very favorite people. He is interesting, successful, mature, very intelligent, and sexy as ALL HELL. I am going to call him Joe for the sake of the blog, because he is very private as well. I’ve only discovered these things about him after talking with him on the phones for the last 5 years. Joe is totally into dance wear, such as leotards, tights, workout spandex, some swim suits, ballerina clothes and shoes, some shorty shorts & yoga pants. It’s so fun to do Joe because he KNOWS what he likes and what makes him cum really hard. He has relayed this info to me over time and now I can figure out where he wants to go with his calls. The cool thing about our relationship is he will tell me, or steer me in the right direction if I get off track. It is a relationship so to speak, I know it’s a phone session but we have a “friendship”  if I might be so bold, I care about him! That’s what friends do right? I’ve not blogged about him in a few years so I wanted him to know, if he reads this, how much I appreciate him and love his calls!

Now for the sexy part, lol. We love to tease and taunt Joe. Stretch his cum out until he can’t hold it any longer. We get really nasty too! I love it because he is actually very good at bondage and really likes and appreciates it from all aspects. It’s not easy to learn those knots, find someone with mutual trust, and go about tying someone up! I think it’s very fucking sexy how he does really get turned on by the bondage itself and the struggle of the girl in bondage. Not is a sick sadistic way but in a “oh she is hurting, sad face” way 🙂 We like to dress our subject in dancing attire, then bondage her some, and sometimes we get very nasty with her…. MOST TIMES! We have another guy gag her or fuck her ass. I will have Joe gag her sometimes. I had him tear a tiny hole in her outfit with his teeth then lick her ass, theres been timew when we have even introduced a doggie to the fantasy. ( we mostly like to THINK about the doggie, only a couple times has it really ever played a part in the fantasy.) He has sent me some awesome cartoons and pictures though and I will post a couple so you see what I mean.  Thanks Joe for all the good times! I appreciate your sense of fantasy and your articulate mind! Love Daisy

J is such a pedo, and he got caught fucking us this time LOL! He was on the call and he told me to lay my daughter on top of me this way he can pull it outta me and slam into her. He got so excited then someone walked in on him…. his roommate and caught him jerking his pedo cock lol. He hung up and called me back and told me he got caught a little he said hehe. Then he finished his hard jerk session, fantasy fucking me and my daughter at the same time, sliding in and filling her pre-teen pussy with a huge load of jiz! DirtyMommyDaisy.Com

My kids and me watched my fat skanky sissy fuck the “meat man” LOL!

You read it right, I even got her pic in the market with my phone… Look at her fat skanky ass hangin outta that short dress. We had the kids with us and everything LMAO.

So many of u men look at my girls while they be sittin in the grocery cart. I know you can see her panties ridin up her cunt and you just can’t take your perverted pedo eyes off em. Hahaha

We visit this store all the time, my fat sister gets food stamps and she eats up all her stamps too (as you can clearly see) my girls and I caught her with the meat man (aka the butchers asst.) she was sucking his cock and askin him to bring her by some bacon later, he was like “oh shit mam, I will be straight by your trailer after work, LAWS YES!” hahaha My girls asked “whats Auntie dewin? whys her tiddies out mama?” hahaha I said “shes makin bacon for later!”

Straight outta the park MaryKate 1-888-314-8907


Dirty Blogs about pre-teen kiddie cunt, I KNOW what you pedo daddy’s love. I hear you jerking that pedo cock and listening to me tell you all about my boyfriends and my girls LOL. Almost every call I get has to do with tiny baby sluts, so I’m good at it and one more thing…. I’m really into it! 1-877-827-7532

whoo-hoo I just gotta hot new caller from Canada! He is a TOTAL PEDO! He likes when I call him a child molester hahahaha. Now I wouldn’t of said it first… he did…  and after that I kept on saying it LOL.

He wanted to fuck my girls, he wanted steffi and of course I let him have her *wink*

On my calls I do tell ya’ll their names and ages, I can’t here in the blog tho 😦 oh well not everyone is as into it as we are…FUDDY-DUDDIES 🙂 B made a huge mess jackin his pedo cock and talking about pre-teen cunt, he wanted to know EVERYTHING, and I told him ha!

I lost my password to this blog so I haven’t blogged it in a while, so many of you horny guys read it tho, so thank god I remembered the username and gotta a new pw. I will be putting some super nasty posts on here, ya know the ones I can’t put on the site blogs, they get sooo nasty.

So gimmie a call and get that PEDO cock off with Mommy. I’m the nastiest girl on the net and I know how you child-molesters like it! 😉 Call Me Pedo! DirtyMommyDaisy 877-827-7532

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