My daughters birthday is today, and I have done this fantasy twice today already, that should tell you how good I am at it. We had about 7 girls over including my 4, ranging in ages but no one is older than a pre-teen. Our guest of honor walks in the door to see the girls totally naked with only white lace socks and patten leather shoes. Oh and a party hat of course. Some of the girls look really slutty because we had been playing with makeup and hair products. That makes them feel so sexy when the have “older girl hair” lol.

Once our special guest arrives (my caller Corey and Terry they both did this fantasy today.) I make him take off his pants and boxers, he needs to be on the same page as we are so he strips all the way. I tied a scarf over my little girls eyes and turned her around and around, then I push her forward toward him and she is reaching out for his cock. We call this game “pin the lips on the cock” LOL. They all want a turn and before you know it their are three sets of lips french kissing each other with his shaft in between. He has both hands full of young round ass and watch’s them suck and lick him until he is ready to explode. I tell the girls this is going to be a “cherry popping party” and they all get lined up and are wet and horny waiting for their turn. Oh there is so many possibilities with this fantasy….. It’s is so fucking taboo nasty, but you will have to call me for the rest of the fun, it get’s to nasty to write in the blog 😀 I hope to talk with you  soon! Love and Kisses from the Cherry Party! Daisy


J is such a pedo, and he got caught fucking us this time LOL! He was on the call and he told me to lay my daughter on top of me this way he can pull it outta me and slam into her. He got so excited then someone walked in on him…. his roommate and caught him jerking his pedo cock lol. He hung up and called me back and told me he got caught a little he said hehe. Then he finished his hard jerk session, fantasy fucking me and my daughter at the same time, sliding in and filling her pre-teen pussy with a huge load of jiz! DirtyMommyDaisy.Com

My kids and me watched my fat skanky sissy fuck the “meat man” LOL!

You read it right, I even got her pic in the market with my phone… Look at her fat skanky ass hangin outta that short dress. We had the kids with us and everything LMAO.

So many of u men look at my girls while they be sittin in the grocery cart. I know you can see her panties ridin up her cunt and you just can’t take your perverted pedo eyes off em. Hahaha

We visit this store all the time, my fat sister gets food stamps and she eats up all her stamps too (as you can clearly see) my girls and I caught her with the meat man (aka the butchers asst.) she was sucking his cock and askin him to bring her by some bacon later, he was like “oh shit mam, I will be straight by your trailer after work, LAWS YES!” hahaha My girls asked “whats Auntie dewin? whys her tiddies out mama?” hahaha I said “shes makin bacon for later!”

Straight outta the park MaryKate 1-888-314-8907


Dirty Blogs about pre-teen kiddie cunt, I KNOW what you pedo daddy’s love. I hear you jerking that pedo cock and listening to me tell you all about my boyfriends and my girls LOL. Almost every call I get has to do with tiny baby sluts, so I’m good at it and one more thing…. I’m really into it! 1-877-827-7532

whoo-hoo I just gotta hot new caller from Canada! He is a TOTAL PEDO! He likes when I call him a child molester hahahaha. Now I wouldn’t of said it first… he did…  and after that I kept on saying it LOL.

He wanted to fuck my girls, he wanted steffi and of course I let him have her *wink*

On my calls I do tell ya’ll their names and ages, I can’t here in the blog tho 😦 oh well not everyone is as into it as we are…FUDDY-DUDDIES 🙂 B made a huge mess jackin his pedo cock and talking about pre-teen cunt, he wanted to know EVERYTHING, and I told him ha!

I lost my password to this blog so I haven’t blogged it in a while, so many of you horny guys read it tho, so thank god I remembered the username and gotta a new pw. I will be putting some super nasty posts on here, ya know the ones I can’t put on the site blogs, they get sooo nasty.

So gimmie a call and get that PEDO cock off with Mommy. I’m the nastiest girl on the net and I know how you child-molesters like it! 😉 Call Me Pedo! DirtyMommyDaisy 877-827-7532

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Well so many hot calls having to do with everything from; pulling my daughters up into bed with my boyfriend and I to listening to a proud Daddy talk about his little “Daddy’s Girl.” A lot of callers ask me if I have ever heard a Daddy REALLY get it on with his daughter on a call, I guess you will have to call me and find this out yourself….

I had a new Master call me last night and he wanted to take my daughters and train them, I think this would be cool! He wanted to train them to take dick in all their holes and learn that pleasing the man of the house is their duty… Hey! They need to please Mama too! ;)

I want to say hi to some of my horny callers and tell them “fuck these sexy calls get my cunt wet!” I am gonna go out of town this Friday, Mommy is off to the spa with a girlfriend, I think I will still do calls from the Ritz on Saturday night LOL, we’ll see. Shouts out to; Steve, my little incest buddy, his Mommy and sissy must have him tied up and busy fucking, call me and tell me whats new baby! ) Hi to Shane, Cory, Ron, Bill, Charlie, Adam, Greg, Tracy, Nate, Mark, Robert, Peter, Gary, and everyone I talked to this week. KISSES!!!

Hot Incest Call.

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S. his Mom and his sis read my blog, then they get all hot and talk about how much they all love to fuck each other. S’s Mom is a lot like me, lusting for her son well her children in general, and he is for real! His Mom caught him stroking with her panties when he was young, and she took him to her bed and lustfully fucked him hard and long then watched him fuck his sister, they fucked all the time. S said “we weren’t making love we FUCKED!” Yeah that’s what I am talking about! So he got a package yesterday from his Mom and Sis, they sent him, his sisters little bikini bottoms. So he called me and he wrapped them around his cock and stroked and talked about fucking ALL the females in his family….. mmmmh then we both had a hard beautiful cum… well S had 2 LOL. Keep on sending packages Mom, and I will keep S hard and ready always looking forward to his next visit home! Dirty Mommy Daisy 1-877-827-7532

Incest is BEST!

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I have this awesome caller Steve and his Mother found my site and told him all about it. Steve lives in an incest family, he has been boning him Mommy since he was very young. She caught him masturbating with a pair of her panties and looking at his sister and she took him under her tittie and made a real man out of him. HE loves the way his Mommy talks soooo dirty to him while she is satisfying her horny mommy cunt on his raging teen hard on. ) but Mommy’s cunt was just the beginning for Steve, Mommy gave him his sister to fuck too, and she was even younger than he was at the time, she had been waiting for her brother to finally cum around to the incest ways Mommy and daughter had been playing for a while. He took her cherry, and eventually even got her pregnant. It doesn’t stop there folks, the kid who is a girl has grown and all 3 of the women live in the same house. Steve goes there like for visits and he fucks all 3 of them, lustful fucking one of them while the other two play in front of him and visa versa, and it’s always INCESTUALY lustful and awesomely arousing for the whole clan. Steve enjoys re-living his sexy escapades with me on the phone, it tides him over till her can go and see his FUN family of sexy women, and girl. I personally LOVE the things we talk about and I am so glad him Mommy ran across my site!!! Way to go Mom! I hope to talk to Steve soon, and I am really looking forward to more of the family secrets! Love Dirty Mommy Daisy 1-877-827-7532

Oh yeah we got haters…. When you call me ask for the password to my protected posts. These are posts and stories of a sensitive nature. Age-play, Incest, Doggie fucking, Mommy son, you name it, well actually I can’t really talk about it, so I passworded the entries that have to do with those VERY Taboo subjects. Email me, IM me, or call and ask me. 😛 I want you to read it and get all horned out then call me, LOL. Check out my new site it is awesome! Love Dirty Mommy Daisy