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F really wants to see this gash up close and personal, here it is sexy man and I can’t wait to feel your long fat tongue go deep inside fucking me! OMG that’s not you it’s a DOGGIE tongue! Nasty Boy, purrrrrrr DirtyMommyDaisy

I have had several of you call me and tell me how hot Halloween makes you and how hard your PEDO cock gets for all these little girls walking around dressed up like  little sluts! You have the purrfect Holiday going on today, Call me and we will invite some of these little slutty baby girl’s into our home. I just love the ones dressed up like Hannah Montana, Britney Spears, raven all those little ity bity pussies in tight revealing clothes, naughty nurses, gogo dancers, princess’s we have all of them to choose from! Let’s have them in for candy and some trick or treating fun! I’m sure I can make them do tricks for us Pedo Daddy! Dirty MommyDaisy.Com

trick or treat phone sex

He is such a cute friend of my step son’s, he is way underage, not even a teen yet *giggles* I just adore teasing him he has such a cute little hard cock. I made him dress up for me this morning wearing a pair of My panties, one’s I wore and got all sticky and juicy watching my daughter fuck, I had these pretty pink panties on while she licked and sucked my boyfriends cock then when he dove deep into her little baby slit, I rubbed the panties on my cunt and got myself off. These are the panties he is wearing now, so wet and creamy right by his ball sack. He rubs his balls and then smells his fingers so he can smell my pretty Mommy cunt. I have him pose himself on the bed for me while I call in my daughters, I have 4 of them and they all vary in age (I will tell on the phone) I make them do little striptease dances and playfully one at a time push their little girl pussy’s right into his face, They move his panties to the side so Mommy can watch his little bald cock and balls. Mmmmmmh I love that little boy cock! We do so many more naughty things why don’t you call and have Dirty Mommy Daisy all to your self little boy?


M called today and wanted to play with a little pre-teen, mmmh. He knew I could cum up with a good role play and we would really get our fuck on and we did, huh baby? He gotta 38 Special and man it was a great way to spend 38 bucks! That’s good cheap fun all you phone whore lovers. I have a busy schedule but I can’t get through the day without alot of good horny cums with all my horny men out here in phone land! I adore being the dirtiest Pedo Mommy you’ve ever experienced and I get my wet cunt off to all the dirty things we do to these young girls. Younger girl talk is what I dig baby! Call me and let’s get our fuck on hardcore! Dirty Mommy Daisy

Charlie has been doing calls with me for about a year now, (fake name LOL)  I LOVE to chat with him on the phone! He makes my horny, Pedo cunt so wet! I wanted to say thanks again Charlie for that wonderful coffee you sent me! It was sooo good!

I talked to Charlie a couple of times last week and we had a great time, he told me on Friday that he thinks about me when he masturbates and that made me feel really hot and horny for him! Charlie and I have this one thing in common we are both into little girls. I just love them and so does he, I love to talk about how much I love to play with them with Charlie and he strokes thinking about me licking and fingering them getting them ready for his big cock. I know you want to taste her and feel how wet she is, I do too. There are some women pedos out here and I am definitely one of them! I can’t help it, and in fantasy we can talk and imagine ANYTHING we want. It is always good to find a partner who is into what your into! Just like Charlie found me, and I sure am glad he did!!! I hope to talk to all your horny Daddy’s and nasty perverted pedos soon! It makes my cunt wet to listen to you tell me your fantasies, and to hear you stroking and to KNOW what your thinking about while you stroke off for me! mmmmm Love Dirty Mommy Daisy 1-877-827-7532

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OMG, Of all the stupid things, I can’t believe I got introuble for this fantasy post I posted on here it is, and it got quite a few calls. The only reason I posted it was because it seemed to be the kind of call I had been doing lately, and it was hot to my callers, let me know what you think;


Sure I get high, and sometimes I really want it BAD!!!
My littlest girl is 5, she hates to see Mommy suffer.
She is having a party today with all her little girlfriends,
you cum over, and bring some drugs, and get Mommy
loaded… then I will let you rent her little virgin, bald, cunt
fot the rest of the night. Maybe we can drug all the
kids and you can fuck them all or make them watch!
I’m sure we can think of a million things to do to them.
Call now, and bring the crack for this kid’s pussy.
Love Mommy Erin
Now is that so bad??? I didn’t think it was any worse than some of the post’s I had seen on there already, but they took away my newsguy account for the weekend. ( Oh well live and learn.

I know I can say what ever I feel like in my blog so that’s why I bitch about it here. I am into TABOO FANTASY and EXTREME HARDCORE Taboo play, I can’t help it that’s what get’s me off. I am ready to play today if you guy’s wanna call me, my little bald pussy is waiting to get fucked!!! I need your cock in my mouth and in my ass today